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Would you like to make your time as a student at Luleå university of technology an unforgettable experience? The student orchestra Luhrarne is the university's only, best looking and most of all, luhrigaste* student orchestra!
( * cunning )

We arrange dancegigs, concerts and other entertainment where it is more or less suitable with a student orchestra. Among other things we have an annual spring concert in mid february wich is very popular, and we also travel to different student orchestra festivals every year to play and listen to other student orchestras from all over sweden.

The orcestra consists of a traditional big band crew, increased with all kinds of instruments.
We play all kinds of songs, everything from TV-themes such as The Gummi bears and Greased lightning to Brass machine and turderland, all this with alot of singing and dancing too!

Luhrarne is rehearsing every monday at 18.30 in D514, feel free to drop by and listen, or even join in!

Would you like to know more? Send a mail to ordforande@luhrarne.com and we'll answer any of your questions.